Making IT Matter


Making IT Matter

The Right Team

Combine a group of people with surprising talent, broad knowledge, practical expertise, and wacky personalities. Then ensure they have no fear of hard truths and pragmatic answers, but believe in ruthless execution, and business common-sense. This is the TechNosis Nexus.  Learn More....


Making IT Matter

The Right Support

It's a simple goal, use technology to solve a business problem, but a complex task to bring together humans and machines. A delicate balance of efficiency, technology, safety, and contingency. Throughout the planning and execution, The Right Support, The Right Team, IT Matters


Managed services

Technology should be managed more than repaired. Do you see your IT team frequently? Are they always fixing something? What are they doing wrong that they are always fixing stuff? How long before they start maintaining things before they break? With the right Managed Services firm, you should wonder what the heck are they doing, but not worry, because things just work. (What exactly are we doing? Probably preventive mainteance while you sleep)


If it's free, then it must be clicked. For every Nigerian prince, there's a user willing to help. If there is a link to download the plague, users will find it. Wire urgent funds today because an email says so? Not a problem, your users are on top of it. With the right security solutions, these potential IT problems are stopped long before they become anything more than an HR problem


Disaster. It happens. Freak Storms? Fires? Water Damage? Employees with anger issues? Magic Blue Smoke coming from your server? Downtime can ruin your business. Are you excited about explaining to customers why you were down for 3 days? With the right support your system is protected and restored in minutes, not hours, and you are making money not apologies



The world is shrinking rapidly. If only the cost of communications followed suit. Traditional phones continue to be fairly priced only in the minds of those collecting the tolls and taxes. Cell Phones. Those costs are under control, right? With the right support, you can cut that cord, slash that bill and enter the world of VOIP and the wonders of affordable, limitless communications


Making IT Matter

The Right Partners

Selecting the right technology partners is like picking the best school project team. Find the best people to work with so that you can do the least work possible and reap all the benefits of their excellence. IT Partnerships Matter. It's important to select the best technology that requires the least amount of work. Choosing a product-line based on margins is the fasted way to marginalize the efficiency of the all the parties involved. Listed below are few choosen for all the right reasons. See the complete list here



Dell is a global resource with an enormous range of solutions, but a the right balance of quality, reliability, and costs. They have solutions for problems of all sizes. If there isn't a Dell machine to fit your needs, you either need to reassess the need, or you're one of those Apple Mac users (don't worry we support you too see the complete list)


IT security products have become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure.  Sophos understands that the solution to complexity, is not more complexity. They tackle security challenges with clarity and confidence, knowing that simple security is better security. (They are also really good at ticking off the hackers and generally making their lives a failure where our customers are concerned. So who better to use?)


Datto provides business continuity solutions to secure the essential business data for thousands of companies around the world. Their integrated suite of services includes the market leading data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) offerings, advanced Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) backup services for leading SaaS applications, and innovative network continuity solutions. (Hey backups are boring, but they make it sound really neat. And you know what? It is really neat! Ask us for a demo)



VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, accelerates digital transformation by enabling unprecedented freedom and flexibility in how their customers build and evolve IT environments. (Translation, taking the hard out of hardware)


Making IT Matter

The Right Commitment




This is the year we embark on a new commitment to something bigger than ourselves.

In 2005, TechNosis was founded on the idea that businesses of all sizes deserve top-notch support and technology without compromise. During those founding years, we set the pace in our region for what managed services could be. Long before it was cool to call yourself a managed services firm, we were out there proactively managing systems. Seems like everyone wants to be us now.

In 2017, TechNosis decided to shake things up to prove that small business can have big impacts. In addition to our daily endeavors taking care of everyone's everyday computer systems, we are going out of our way to find opportunities to give back, to make a difference, and make this world a better place to live and work. It's our hope that the copycats follow us on this journey as well. We aren't holding our breath, but we don't care, they can watch, while we make IT Matter in a whole new way.

 Find out how we are Making IT Matter

IT Matters more than you expected, it’s more complex than you hoped, but it’s not as expensive as you feared nor as difficult as you were told.
— The Skeptic Whisperer