The Right Support



It's a simple goal, use technology to solve a business problem, but a complex task to bring together humans and machines. A delicate balance of efficiency, technology, safety, and contingency. Throughout the planning and execution, The Right Support, The Right Team, IT Matters.



Managed Services

Technology should be managed more than repaired. Do you see your IT team frequently? Are they always fixing something? What are they doing wrong that they are always fixing stuff? How long before they start maintaining things before they break? With the right Managed Services firm, you should wonder what the heck are they doing, but not worry, because things just work. (What exactly are we doing? Probably preventive mainteance while you sleep)



Central and Syncronized


If it's free, then it must be clicked. For every Nigerian prince, there's a user willing to help. If there is a link to download the plague, users will find it. Wire urgent funds today because an email says so? Not a problem, your users are on top of it. With the right security solutions, these potential IT problems are stopped long before they become anything more than an HR problem


whose got your backups


Disaster. It happens. Freak Storms? Fires? Water Damage? Employees with anger issues? Magic Blue Smoke coming from your server? Downtime can ruin your business. Are you excited about explaining to customers why you were down for 3 days? With the right support your system is protected and restored in minutes, not hours, and you are making money not apologies


cut the cord


The world is shrinking rapidly. If only the cost of communications followed suit. Traditional phones continue to be fairly priced only in the minds of those collecting the tolls and taxes. Cell Phones. Those costs are under control, right? With the right support, you can cut that cord, slash that bill and enter the world of VOIP and the wonders of affordable, limitless communications



On top of it

Monitor & Audit

Automation is great. It has its place. That place is not to be the complete solution for Monitor & Audit. The right support team understand that if you want to Monitor things, you deploy people. Humans can assess and react, and they can also yell and scream until the get the correct person's attention. People are far hard to ignore than those 1000's alert emails in your inbox. Why are auditors always humans and not automatons? (Ok well may ISO auditors might have been confused with automatons.) Auditors are humans because you can look them in the eye and ask; Did the disaster recover system actually work as intended? Does your IT team have dedicate Monitoring & Auditing teams?



keeping IT Current

Patch and Uprade

The patch merry-go-round, is just as terrify to many IT firms as the gigantic plastic horse on a pole is to many a 3 year old. What is the status of your servers and pc's. Are they patched following a schedule? Do you keep current with all of the security fixes in a timely manner? Do you receive notices before and after patching? Is there a plan for how to react to problems caused by patching? Is your staff trained to understand that,  in order for patching to work, they have some responsibility in the process?

TechNosis customers understand the patching process because we are really annoying about it. In the final analysis, everyone's data is safer for the effort. We still reserve the right to avoid the person who ignored the patch warning until the day their pc auto-reboot right at the worst possible moment. We did try to warn them, sometimes experience is the best teacher. 


eliminate the redundant

Hosted Services

Sometimes it's just not practical to own everything thing in house. There are definite cost advantages to sharing systems with other firms. The challenge is to know when to share and when to own. Like Kenny Rogers we know when to hold them and when to fold them and we don't consider it gambling at all. Playing with the house's money is good business. (Hey our kids don't believe in a world before iPads, so does it really matter that we are referencing a 70's muscian to make a point?)



Leverage IT

Hardware as a Service

Cash is king, or is that Credit is king? Bring on the bit-coin. Whatever the currency, cashflow matters. Staying on top of computer hardware is never top of the list, resulting in annoying expenses at inopportune moments. In 2017 we will be introducing hardware as a service. Receive your hardware from us and let us worry about rotation and replacement. We can normalize your cost and reduce your hassle. Contact your primary representative to learn more about the new program.