The Right Team


Combine a group of people with surprising talent, broad knowledge, practical expertise, and wacky personalities. Then ensure they have no fear of hard truths and pragmatic answers, but believe in ruthless execution, and business common-sense. This is the TechNosis Nexus.


Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.

We are IT to the entrepreneurs, we strive to be the regional superstars, but we will never know everything nor service all things. To best serve our clients in the face of that limitation we are inspired to collaborate. Our goal is make things that endure. To make that happen, we represent our clients on all things technology and participate in all projects to which we are included. When a topic is outside our expertise, we work with and beside the subject matter experts, even those from our competition. Through this open collaboration we ensure that our customers' needs take priority. In return we become stronger and we have the opportunity to encourage our competitors to become our Partners. 


Unified by a passion for the Technology and it's application for excellence

We absolutely love what we do. What other job lets you play with all the  newest technology, while working with a wide array of people from around the world.  Work is hobby and hobby is work. For over 12 years we have witnessed an incredible rate of technological change. Sometimes it flat out sucks having to learn all the new things which are replacing stuff that technically still works. But that is the way of Technology. The better you get, the better you better get. Everyone that joins our nexus of talent embraces learning and accepts change as a constant. We have dedicated ourselves to staying just far enough out in front of the bleeding-edge to be ready with new solutions when you need them.


Connecting with technology, removing barriers, overcoming distance and time to build and maintain relationships

The team at TechNosis is not co-located, nor will it ever be. We span three time zones and work a variety of different schedules aligned to our duties and responsibilities. We use the same technologies every day that we bring to you. We constantly push the boundaries to meet our communication needs, share our work, battle the ghost in the machines, and most importantly, to become incredibly close friends with each other. You may never meet some of us live face to face, but be assured, we are your co-workers. We are not all that different than the person in the cube next to you. You know, the one that just made the entire office smell like microwave popcorn at 10 am. Yeah we're just like that person without the hunger inducing aroma.