The Right Partners


Selecting the right technology partners is like picking the best school project team. Find the best people to work with so that you can do the least work possible and reap all the benefits of their excellence. IT Partnerships Matter. It's important to select the best technology that requires the least amount of work. Choosing a product-line based on margins is the fasted way to marginalize the efficiency of the all the parties involved. We choose our partners for all the right reasons. Let us therefore introduce you to them.


Security Matters

Security Made Simple

IT security products have become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure.  Sophos understands that the solution to complexity is not more complexity. They tackle security challenges with clarity and confidence, knowing that simple security is better security. (They are also really good at ticking off the hackers and generally making their lives a failure where our customers are concerned. So who better to use?)


Continuity Matters

Total Data Protection

Datto provides business continuity solutions to secure the essential business data for thousands of companies around the world. Their integrated suite of services includes the market leading data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) offerings, advanced Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) backup services for leading SaaS applications, and innovative network continuity solutions. (Hey backups are boring, but they make it sound really neat. And you know what? It is really neat! Ask us for a demo.)


Reliability Matters

A Knife the Swiss would be proud of

Founded in 2000, Synology is dedicated to develop high-performance, reliable, versatile, and environmentally-friendly NAS servers. Our goal is to deliver agile and cost-effective solutions, solid customer service, and ultimately to ensure individuals and business the versatility of choices. These popular device are perfect for clients not yet requiring the Datto level of continutiy; or those needs special niche services provided by the vast library of addon software that makes Synology unique in the NAS vendor space.


Leverage Matters

Don't Waste Idle Capactiy

VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, accelerates digital transformation by enabling unprecedented freedom and flexibility in how our customers build and evolve IT environments. (Translation, taking the hard out of hardware)


Reliability Matters

Supply & Demand

Dell is a global resource with an enormous range of solutions, but the right balance of quality, reliability, and costs. They have solutions for problems of all sizes. If there isn't a Dell machine to fit your needs, you either need to reassess the need, or you're one of those Apple Mac users (don't worry we support you too see the complete list.)



The Nexus Phone System & Stettto

With acquisition of DJH Solutions, TechNosis is now offering the in house brand Nexus Phone System. This proven phone system, in use throughout the state of WI, will fill a perfect niche in our family of services going forward. Joining Nexus will be the Stretto mobile client from the makers of Bria and BriaX. Finally the concept of having one work phone number for all devices; Desk, PC, Mobile Phone etc is a standard option. We'll handle all the complexity so you can focus on making a fortune rather than spending it.


Flexibilty Matters

No-Longer Just For The Creatives

No beard oil required. Macs are no longer just a tool for just hipster creative friends. Show them that you have seen the wisdom in their ways. After all they have been beating you over the head with it for how many years? To our team, Mac OS X is as welcome on your network as the same old Windows PC has always been. We are ready support you, exactly the same as everyone else. Heck your less work anyhow and half of our team uses Mac's too. What are the other guys afraid of?



UniFi now much more than WiFI

Ubiquiti Networks is a next-generation communications technology company founded and led by Robert Pera. Ubiquiti has a unique business model that emphasizes R&D and eschews traditional marketing in an effort to produce high performance equipment at disruptive prices.  The result is an attractive alternative to traditional high touch, high-cost providers.  Ubiquiti consists of three principal divisions: its Service Provider Division, which seeks to close the digital divide by producing carrier-class long-haul wireless networking equipment at highly disruptive prices; its Enterprise Division, which seeks to democratize enterprise-class networking equipment such that it is accessible to small and medium size businesses; and the recently established Ubiquiti Labs, which produces innovative tech solutions for the consumer market. (Robert we like your style and our customers love your value per dollar.)



NetGear, DLink, and HP-Networks

At the pace of data, connectivity matters. Selecting the right box for the need matters. Pick too small, the users begin to light torches. Pick too big, the boss revokes your budget. Avoid over spending, avoid maintenance fees, right-size your network with our team.