The Right Commitments

This is the year we embark on a new commitment to something bigger than ourselves.

In 2005, TechNosis was founded on the idea that business of all sizes deserve top-notch support and technology without compromise. During those founding years we set the pace in our region for what managed services could be. Long before it was cool to call yourself a managed services firm we were out there proactively managing systems. Seems like everyone wants to be us now.

In 2017, TechNosis is shaking things up to prove that small business can have big impacts. In addition to our daily endeavors taking care of everyone's everyday computer systems, we are going out of our way to find ways to give back, to make a difference and make this world a better place to live and work. It's our hope that the copy-cats follow us on this path as well, we aren't holding our breath, but we don't care, they can watch while we make IT Matter in a whole new way.

Every business needs to advertise to stay alive and grow. We all spend a lot of time and energy getting the message out and that message is very narrowly focused. Buy this now. Hurry before it's too late. You need us, we are so awesome. We'll make moonshine from milk for you.  You know the story, you've read it before. Now granted, this is IT and thanks to the dark-web, sometimes it is urgent, but we have never needed advertising to communicate that stuff. So when it comes to building our brand, we are going to try something different. We are going to pair the information we want you to know with information everyone often neglects to make time for. Raising awareness of the good-that-people-do and the-extra-mile-they-go. We are going to weave those messages into our communications a couple times a year; probably 3, but no more, to prevent social fatigue.  

In support of this effort we are going to seek out a good causes, ones that people should know about and raise awareness. We are going to try and make it interesting and varied. Some might be big splashes, and others a gentle wave and a nod. Check back to this page now and then and see what we are up-to. We will be archiving and documenting past projects here on the site. Do you have a initiative we might want to participate in? If so, send the details to, be brief and be brilliant; or be boastful and bad-ass whatever works for you. We'll let you know if we think it's a fit for us and if we can be an additive force for the goal.