The Right Resources


Ever notice how much IT people like their cool tools? Well no surprise, we like them too. Existing customers should know their way around and be able to directly find the tools they need. But we understand sometimes you don't think they are as cool as we do, so we'll keep the important ones up-to-date on this page over time. If you forget where something is, just stop by this page. No one will know you forgot, and we will think you are super easy to support because you always know what tool to use to get the best help.


Internet is down?

Your Internet is down, but you managed to get this page loaded on your cell phone? Excellent! We taught you well. No problem. Call 920.376.9160 and let's get down to fixing your connection. If we are very popular today and you get a voicemail greeting, be sure to leave a message which will automatically become a ticket. Don't be shy. Leave enough details so we can get started right away.


The FAQS Matter

Help Documents

We have collected some frequently asked questions and tips on our help site. You can find it here: 



SOS Remote Control

If our normal remote tools are not working we will need you to go to and send us the code.

Connect Wise Remote Control

We might ask you to connect to our new nexus-support tool powered by Connect Wise. We are after all IT nerds and new tools do beg to be explored.



Problem reports MATTER

New and Existing TechNosis Customers can:


Continuity Matters

DJH Solutions Customers Can:

  • Use the new systems above (don't worry your requests will get you to the same team as before and a few new faces over time.)