TechNosis Inc.™ Prepares for Bicycle Race of a Lifetime




TechNosis Inc.™ Prepares for Bicycle Race of a Lifetime – TechNosis Inc. Will Support the Non-Profit Organization 3000 Miles to A Cure as they Race 3000 Miles Across the USA to Raise Money for Brain Cancer Research.

Appleton, Wisconsin. TechNosis Inc. is sponsoring the non-profit organization 3000 Miles to a Cure and their 4-person recumbent bicycling team as they compete in Race Across America (RAAM), a 3000 mile bicycling race across the country from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to the sponsorship, CEO of TechNosis Inc. Bob Pankratz, will crew on the race. Larry Oslund, TechNosis Inc. Support Engineer, will ride as part of the four-member racing team as they chase the 4 person time record and raise awareness for the charity.

Founded by Maria Parker, a record holding ultra-cyclist, 3000 Miles to a Cure is a 501c3 dedicated to ending brain cancer by raising funds for research. All donations to the organization go directly to brain cancer research. This year, 3000 Miles to a Cure hopes to raise $50,000 during RAAM.

The toughest endurance event in the world, RAAM offers long-distance cyclists the opportunity to challenge themselves to the height of their abilities. Fewer than 2,500 cyclists have completed RAAM since its first edition in 1982. Solo winners complete the course in under 9 days, and winning teams complete the journey in less than 6 days. These modern-day heroes brave the desert, plains, and mountain weather, lead a crew and a mini-organization of support and raise thousands of dollars for charities around the world.

“This year, RAAM celebrates 36 years of uniting people from around the world with a shared love for cycling and adventure through team bonding, struggle and a strong sense of accomplishment,” says Fred Boethling, owner of RAAM and Solo and two-man team finisher. “It’s man against the elements, the road, and ultimately, him or herself.”

Oslund, a late arrival to the sport of ultra-racing at 57 years young; will meet that challenge on June 17th as part of his team. A board member of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Associate (UCMA) currently serves as membership chair and coordinator of UMCA’s Championship Series. In 2015 he won the UMCA National 12-hour National and Century Championships and set the recumbent open road world record for 100 miles. In 2016 he captured the UMCA 12-hour World Championship. Oslund says 2017 is all about RAAM, and raising awareness and money to irradiate brain cancer. “It’s a privilege to ride for 3000milestoacure. With this dedicated team of talented riders and support, we have a chance to set the record and draw even more attention to those we ride for. Together we can do it!” Oslund joined the TechNosis team after riding with Pankratz at a cycling event in Portland.

Pankratz, recruited to be the team mechanic and equipment manager will be responsible for keeping the equipment in top race condition, the riders safe, and communications functioning 24 hours for 6-8 days. “The needs of the team against the demands of race is a logical application of my professional skills to my love of bikes, and people.” Said Pankratz who was injured in a near fatal bike crash in 2010 and later found inspiration during RAAM 2013. “Watching Maria Parker win that year changed my outlook about beating the odds, it gave me back something the injury had taken and it inspired me to look for more meaningful challenges for myself and my business.” Pankratz, who plans a Solo RAAM attempt in his 50’s to raise funds for Alzheimer research, said “When an organization with the track record of says they want your help, saying yes isn’t one option it’s the only option.” 

Parker’s 2013 team, suffered a car accident on the race route that totaled their follow vehicle, destroyed all, but one bike, and injured several crew members. Out of the race and sideline for 8 hours, they eventually returned to the race course. Motivated to simply see it through to the end for the charity and to honor Parker’s sister Jenny Mulligan who was battling brain cancer herself. Upon review of the situation RAAM officials was reinstated the team to the race and they went on to finish first among women in 11 days and 18 hours. Race Across America staff called her race “The Most Inspirational RAAM Story Ever.” (Mulligan later lost her battle with brain cancer in 2014).

To follow the progress of the 3000 Miles to a Cure team in this year’s Race Across America, visit


More about TechNosis, Inc.

Founded in 2006, TechNosis, Inc. aims to make IT matter for its clients by assuming and owning responsibility for support, security, communication and contingencies. Having recently completed a merger with DJH Solutions, TechNosis is now preparing for a period of sustained strategic growth. Through the partnership with 3000 Miles to a Cure the company will measure its ability to tackle unique problems, think outside the box, and to make IT matter to all clients, current and future.


More about 3000 Miles to a Cure

Founded in 2012, by Maria Parker after learning of her sister’s brain cancer diagnosis, 3000 Miles to a Cure provides funds to the Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure’s Precision Medicine Project. Through this project, scientists are mapping the genetic structure of brain tumors so caregivers can customize treatments to a tumor’s profile. This project creates a database of brain tumor profiles and treatment efforts to help us identify effective therapies.


More About RAAM

RAAM and SOUL EVENTS are world leaders in the sport of endurance bicycle racing.  The team is responsible for the Race Across America (RAAM), the world’s premier ultra-bicycle race, a 3000-mile coast-to-coast race across the USA, as well as the Race Across the West (RAW), an 860-mile race across the Western US, the RAAM Challenge Series, and the 6-12-24 World Time Trial Championships.  In addition, they offer seminars on endurance bicycle racing and sanction endurance races worldwide.






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